5 Key Factors That Affect The Cost Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are an investment in your oral health, and most dental insurance plans will only cover part of the cost. Despite this, their 30+ year lifespan means that in the long run, they are usually the most affordable and cost-effective option. While dentures and bridges wear out frequently, your implant can last you for the rest of your life.

But what affects the cost of a dental implant? The team at Mendota Springs Dentistry is dedicated to keeping patients well informed about their care and the cost of treatment, so here are a few factors to keep in mind when considering investing in dental implants and the cost of your treatment:

The Number Of Teeth You Need To Be Replaced

Naturally, you’ll pay more for dental implants if you’re having multiple teeth replaced. If you are having more than a few teeth replaced, it may be a good idea to consider an alternative like dentures or a dental bridge, as these procedures are much more affordable when replacing several teeth. Ask Dr. Zhang or Dr. Jacoby what procedure may be right for you during your consultation, to explore your options.

Additional Oral Surgeries (Extractions, Sinus Lift, Bone Graft)

If you need to have one or more teeth extracted before your dental implant surgery, this will impact the price of your procedure. In addition, if your jaw is weak due to tooth loss, you may need a sinus lift or bone graft to place new, healthy bone that will help support your implant. These procedures will add to the expense of an implant, and take several months to heal.

Location Of Your Tooth Or Teeth

Front teeth are usually more expensive to replace, as it requires more care to match the angle of your jawline, and other such advanced techniques. However, every mouth is different. The cost of your implant depends on your overall oral health, the spacing and placement of your teeth, and a number of other factors.

Overall Oral Health

Dentists will not place a dental implant until your mouth is healthy. That means if you have periodontal disease or any other serious oral health conditions, they’ll need to be treated before you can have an implant placed. In addition, extra precautions may need to be taken during the procedure, which can add to the cost.

Get An Oral Exam, And A Quote For Your Dental Implant

Because so many different factors go into the cost of a dental implant, the only way to get a truly accurate price estimate is to come into Mendota Springs Dentistry for a consultation. Whether you live in Madison, Five Points, or Fitchburg, we’re here to help you restore your smile, and our knowledgable team will do everything we can to keep the cost of your care within your budget.

With flexible financing and payment options, we want to make sure that price is never an issue when it comes to your smile. Contact us today at (608) 237-6080 to get started, or drop by our office at 6317 McKee Rd, #500, Fitchburg, WI 53719.