Back To School Dental Concerns

Teachers, parents, and students are all excited that school is underway this fall. New backpacks, freshly sharpened pencils, and memorizing locker combinations are filling the moments of most of our days. It’s a time of great excitement, but for some, it can also surface some anxieties about specific dental needs your child might experience during the school day.

Losing a Tooth At School

Children typically lose their baby teeth between the ages of 4-12. The chances of your child losing at least one of those teeth at school are pretty high. Don’t fret, most elementary teachers are used to this, and can assist your child, or send them to the school nurse. If your child does have a loose tooth, send them to school with a baggie, or if you’re extra ambitious, you can make or purchase a lost tooth bag to put in their backpacks. You want to make sure they have the lost tooth for when the Tooth Fairy visits that night!

Students With Braces

Be sure to consult your orthodontist about brushing needs while at school. If they recommend a brushing during the day, be sure to pack a small toothpaste and toothbrush in your child’s backpack for them to take to the bathroom some time during the day. Lost retainers tend to be a big problem for students who just got their braces removed. It’s typical for a student to place their retainer on their cafeteria tray, and then hurriedly dispose of both tray and retainer as the school bell rings to rush to the next class. Be sure to develop a plan and place for your child to create a habit of “setting it, so they won’t be forgetting it” each day.

Sport and Recess Teeth Injury Prevention

Kids play hard. Most kids on the playground have one speed, which is FAST. In sports their aim is to win at all costs. Teeth-related injuries can occur when children have very few cautionary thoughts while playing. Discuss the sports and activities in which your child participates with your dentist to see if you need to provide a mouth guard for your sporty child.

Making a plan for your child before they go to school empowers them to know what to do while they are at school. This empowerment can relieve your anxiousness about dental care at school for you and your child. Send your child to school confidently. At Mendota Springs Dentistry we wish you all an A+ start to your school year.

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