Emergency Dentistry in Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Nothing can interrupt a well-planned day like a dental emergency. You’re running to your meeting, maybe a few minutes late, check the time, and down your go. Your face and tooth meets the pavement, and there goes your day’s plans! Or maybe, your first-born decides to play catcher a little too close to the baseball bat and your child’s tooth and the bat have an unfortunate encounter.

Dental emergencies range from those that are causing you a considerable amount of pain, to those that are damaging your appearance. Dental emergencies can include:

  • Extreme pain in the mouth
  • Extreme or sudden swelling
  • An abscess around a tooth
  • A tooth that has been knocked out
  • A severely cracked tooth
  • Extreme or sudden tooth sensitivity

When you encounter one of these dental emergencies you’ll need to begin searching for a dental office that specializes in dental emergencies, because most dental offices book appointments months in advance. In Fitchburg, Wisconsin, you’ll want to consider finding a dentist that has a vast depth of experience, knowledge and offering of services provided.

Mendota Springs Dentistry knows your life cannot be stopped by your dental emergency. They specialize in making your dental emergency a quick, easy and as pain free as possible for children and adults. They cater to the Fitchburg lifestyle that demands immediate attention for your fast-paced life. They will get you back to your regularly scheduled events quickly and with care.

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