The Evolution Of The Word “Health”

The word “health” seems to be a subjective word. Depending on the time period, location and school of thought, it could mean many things. Think about what it meant to eat healthy in the United States 30 years ago. Low calorie, nonfat, and processed foods stripped of fats, sugars and nutrients covered our inner grocery store shelves. Today a healthy diet is usually found on the exterior of our grocery stores where the meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are found. Rich and fresh food is the key to health nowadays.

Our understanding of dental health has evolved as well. Did you know that in 5000 B.C. “tooth worms” were seen as the cause of teeth decay? Over the years humans have used bones, hair, twigs, vinegar and salt to get their teeth clean. Dental health has come a long way.

Dental health is continually advancing. Technologies such as dental implants, bridges, veneers and composite fillings are some of the advancements available to you. However, one practice that has stood the test of time in order to achieve dental health is the art of brushing your teeth. For thousands of years, there is evidence of people brushing their teeth for a healthy mouth. The tools we’ve used to brush our teeth have changed, but the need for brushing remains the same.

At Mendota Springs Dentistry, we want to encourage you to be sure you’re brushing your teeth at least twice a day. When you make an appointment with us, we can help instruct you on proper brushing techniques. We can also help guide you in using the correct toothbrush for your mouth. Book your appointment with us today to get you on the road to long-lasting dental health.

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