Your Family’s Eating Habit Can Boost Dental Health

May and June are great months for celebrating families. May hosts Mother’s Day, and June celebrates Dads! Happy day to all mothers and fathers! At Mendota Springs Dentistry, Dr. Jacoby and Dr. Zhang enjoy partnering with you to help bring dental health to every member of your family.

One way you can boost your family’s dental health is through diet. At times this can be a challenge if you have a picky eater in your family. Picky eaters (usually younger children) struggle to make good nutritional decisions because their priority of taste and/or texture clouds their good decision-making process. Many children lack the maturity to overcome their pickiness, and make wise food choices that will lead go good health.

All families have preferential eaters. Every member of your family has preferences! That’s what makes everyone unique. Preferential eaters usually tend to have the maturity to know that while they might prefer one food to another, they need to choose a food based on many factors as well.

Guiding your picky eaters to be a preferential eater is important. This process will take time and teaching. Maturity plays a big role in teaching your child to choose foods wisely. Children can understand a lot. Find picture books that describe healthy eating. Model healthy eating for them to see. Always offer nutritional snacks. Don’t have sugary drinks available in your home. Serve water. Help your child understand the gift they are giving their bodies to help them grow and be strong.

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