Pain, Pain Go Away!

The song “Rain, Rain Go Away” is a song you sing when you’re wishing the rain you are experiencing would stop dampening your plans. The plea is for the rain to go away, and come again another day. When it comes to mouth pain, we all wish it would just go away and come again on another, more convenient day. While this is a wish we all have, it’s important to be reminded that you should never wait for your dental pain to just go away. When you experience dental pain, it is your body’s way of signaling trouble. Let your pain be a signal to contact your dentist immediately before the pain becomes more serious. Here are some pain signals your mouth is likely to give you when a problem is occurring.

Sharp Pain When Biting Down On Food

If you are experiencing sharp pains when you bite you could have tooth decay, a loose filling and/or a cracked tooth. Your dentist can remove tooth decay. Loose fillings are replaced when they no longer are kept in place. If the pain is caused by pulp tissue damage you may need a root canal to clean out the damaged pulp, disinfect the root canal and fill and seal the remaining space to save the tooth. Cracked teeth need serious attention to ensure no further damage is done.

Lingering Pain After Eating Hot Or Cold Foods And Liquids

This pain usually means the pulp is inflamed and/or dying, and may be damaged irreversibly. This is usually the result of deep decay or even physical trauma. This damage can lead to the development of an abscess. In many cases, the tooth will need a root canal to remove the dying or deal pulp tissue in order to save the tooth.

Acute And Constant Pain From An Area, But Difficult To Say Exactly Which Tooth Is Causing The Problem

If you are experiencing this type of pain the possible problem may be that your pulp tissue inside a tooth is acutely infected, inflamed and dying. This is usually a signal that your decay is coming very close to, or entering the nerve. If this pain is untreated it is likely to become much worse.

These are just a few of the possible tooth pains you may be experiencing. Treatment and diagnosis of these issues are vital to your long-term dental health, and vary from patient to patient. Visit us at Mendota Springs Dental when you begin experiencing mouth pain, because it won’t just go away.

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