Tips to Help You Overcome Your Dental Fears

Even as an adult, having dental fears and phobias is completely normal. In fact, it’s been estimated that up to 15% of us skip out on regular dental visits because of our fears – that equates to around 40 million people!

But our fear of going to the dentist could have real consequence for the health of our teeth. People with dental anxieties who avoid professional dental care are at higher risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and a slew of other oral health problems.

If you’re living with a fear of the dentist, consider these tips:

  • Choose a sympathetic dentist whose willing to talk you through each procedure, and be honest about what it is that you’re afraid of.
  • Visit the office before your visit, treatment, or procedure. This can help you get more comfortable with the surroundings and the staff.
  • Opt for a morning appointment, and don’t arrive too early. This can help prevent the fear and anxiety from building up throughout the day.
  • Take someone with you to your appointment. This could be a friends, family member, or significant other. Having someone there to support you can be a great comfort.
  • Ask questions. If there’s something you don’t understand about your visit or procedure, simply ask. Having the dentist talk you through exactly what’s going to happen can help calm your nerves.
  • Bring something to do. Listen to nice soothing music on your headphones; bring a book or magazine to read while you wait; anything that can help distract you will help ease some of your fears.

Posted on behalf of Mendota Springs Dentistry