Using Positive Reinforcements To Encourage Dental Health For Your Children

We all know that our children should be brushing their teeth two times a day and flossing their teeth one time a day. While we know this information is a part of pediatric dentistry, it’s hard to implement it into a daily routine for our children. Toddlers require a lot of hands on instruction and care. As a parent, you usually guide them through each practice during the day until it’s finally time for them to go to bed and you can relax! But, what happens when your child enters elementary age and they become more independent and they don’t require your one-on-one attention and care? Will they continue those habits you instilled in them in the early years? How about when it comes to dental health, will they continue brushing and flossing routines out of your presence?

One way to help facilitate and encourage their independence and positive habits is to offer positive reinforcements when they complete their dental tasks. Positive reinforcement is a powerful and effective way to shape and change behavior. It works by presenting a motivating item to a person after the desired behavior is exhibited, making the behavior more likely to happen in the future. Here are some suggestions of types of positive reinforcements for your children. Remember, all children are different, so choose which motivator will connect with them.

Concrete motivation – is something that is very concrete and tangible. For example, if your child brushes his teeth for 7 days straight without you reminding them, he will receive his favorite toy.

Social motivation – is a simple positive gesture from you in response to a good behavior. For example, when your daughter completes her flossing in the evening you will give her a thumbs up?

Activity motivation – is when you present your child with a positive opportunity to engage in a fun or thrilling activity. For example, you will read your son his favorite bedtime book when he completes his entire daily dental routine with no assistance.

It’s important to remember that forming habits takes time and work for little ones. Make forming dental habits for your children a fun and positive experience. At Mendota Springs Dentistry, we want to help support you in making dental care a positive experience as well. We love your kids and will make every effort to make their dental care a fun and positive experience.

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