What is General Dentistry? Fitchburg, WI

General Dentistry is the primary care procedure that deals with the patient’s overall health care needs. Our Dentist at Mendota Springs Dentistry in Fitchburg provides diagnoses and treats issues that involve general health care. Treatments under general dentistry maybe surgical or nonsurgical depending on what the patients need.

Treatments Under General Dentistry

Before undergoing any treatment, The first step is a dental checkup to know the overall dental and oral health condition. After the check-up, the mouth should be cleaned and prepared before undergoing any treatment. The treatments under general Dentistry  are:

  • Dental Crowns

Restoration of damaged or cracked tooth is essential to prevent further dental issues. With the use of dental crowns, the damaged tooth can be repaired by restoring its shape, size, and strength. The dental crown can be used as a cap that secures the dental bridges.

  • Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease develops by plaque and bacteria build up, we at Mendota Springs Dentistry designed a procedure to treat gum disease to prevent further infection and reduce the risk of health complication.

  • Root Canal Treatment

One of the general dental procedure is the root canal procedure which treats the damaged tooth and restores its health. Undergoing root canal doesn’t only restores damaged teeth, but it also prevents the infection from spreading.

  • Cracked Tooth Repair

Chipped tooth or any form of damage tooth should not be ignored since it may lead to severe dental or oral issues. General dentistry at Mendota Springs Dentistry developed various treatments to repair damaged tooth such as applying dental crowns and fillings.

  • Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency is any form of severe dental issues in the tooth or the mouth. With the help of emergency dentistry, the patient will be given immediate treatment that can relieve the pain and prevent dental and health complications.

  • Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is a severe oral condition wherein the surrounding area of the teeth, gums, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone are infected. With the help of periodontal therapy, periodontal disease can be treated, and teeth are restored.

  • Tooth Extraction

There are dental conditions where the teeth need to be extracted to prevent further damage. The extraction is performed due to a severely damaged tooth, crowded teeth, tooth infection.

  • Sedation Dentistry

To help patients relax on a dentist chair while they perform treatment or surgeries.

General dentistry is a great help to maintain healthy dental and oral health. A regular checkup to the dentist is recommended if the patient is having oral issues to receive proper treatment.

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